Introduction of Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tiles


Introduction of Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tiles

Brief Introduction

Mineral fiber ceiling tiles is a highly-grade interior decorative material with the slag fiber as the main raw material. It has undergone the process of burdening, forming, drying,cutting,surface finishing and spray coating after being added with additive.The product is a kind of environmentally friendly construction material without asbestos and formaldehyde.Its installed with T-grids or other ceiling grids and widely used as ceiling board.
The main material is the mineral fiber of high quality, it doesn’t contain any asbestos and
cannot make wool dust needle shape which may enter into human body through breath,so it will not harm to human’s health.

Using of compound fiber and surface coating of net structure will greatly improve the ability of impact and deformation resistant of the mineral wool board.


Mineral fiber ceiling tiles is widely used for ordinary residences, plant/office buildings, hospitals, schools, and everyday entertainment and recreation venues.

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