Perforated Gypsum Ceiling Board

Product Details

Perforated Acoustic Gypsum ceiling Tiles is made from high-quality plaster, has the characteristic of lightweight, firmness and easy cutting. Meanwhile, Perforated Acoustic Gypsum ceiling Tiles has advantages of improving indoor air condition, excellent sound absorption property, perfect perforation design and various specifications and acoustic characteristics.



Excellent sound-absorbing performance.

Unique hole pattern artistic creative decorative effect.

The unique perforation process in large width flat panel.

Unique seamless perforation.

Various geometric layout options.

Backside of perforated board can choose the color according to the requirements (white black and blue)



  1. Square hole

Type: 3*3mm,5*5mm,10*10mm,12*12mm

Perforation rate:13.4%-17.2%

  1. Circle hole

Type: Φ6mm (pitch:18mm);Φ8mm (pitch:25mm);Φ12mm (pitch:25mm);Φ15mm        (pitch:30mm)

Perforation rate: 8.7%-19.6%

NRC rate: 0.7


  1. Irregular circle hole

Type: Φ6/10, Φ12/20, Φ35/20/12, Φ20/12/8

Perforation rate: 8.7%-18.1%

NRC rate: 0.7


Notes: Other specification is available.

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